15 March 2022 
TAP JAPAN OPEN 2022 has been cancelled
We would like to inform you officially that TAP JAPAN OPEN 2022 has been cancelled
( not postponed ) .
The reason for the decision to cancel as follows ,

  1. Currently , the Japanese government is restricting newly entry of foreign nationals . You
    cannot enter Japan for purposes other than commercial and working purposes . It has not
    been decided when the restriction will be lifted .
  2. Due to Russiaʼs military attack on Ukraine , air routes are restricted . Especially in the case
    of traveling from Europe to Japan , it takes a lot of cost and time because it has to be
    detoured considerably .
  3. Even if the situation of 1 and 2 improves after March 20, there is not enough time for foreign
    players to prepare for travel and we also donʼt have enough time to prepare for the tournament
    management .

    The next TAPN JAPAN OPEN is scheduled to be held in May 2025 .

    The health and safety of you all is of utmost importance . We appreciate your patience and
    understanding .

    General Incorporated Foundation
    Japan Adaptive Tennis Association (JASTA)
    Takeshi ( Ken ) SHIBATANI                      
    TAP JAPAN OPEN 2022 Secretariat
    Mail : Info@jastatennis.com


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